Billy & Jake

For the past year, I have been visiting with a Pet Therapy Team at a Domestic Violence Shelter – I’m a Helping Hand. And I’ve seen firsthand how Gabriel's Angels has made a difference in the life of three little boys who I will call Billy, Bobby and Timmy.

During our early visits, I noticed how different Billy, Bobby and Timmy were interacting with Jake, the Therapy Dog, and one another. Billy was a really inquisitive little guy who had lots of questions. Bobby was okay hanging out with Jake, but would lose interest easily. Timmy was a very troubled, angry little guy and wanted nothing to do with Jake.
Fast-forward 4 months. Billy, Bobby and Timmy had formed a very special bond, not only with Jake, but also with each other. On our visits, they would ‘take care’ of Jake by getting water for him, brushing him and taking him for walks. They even introduced new kids to Jake. But what really became important to them was making sure Jake had a house to live in. So every visit from then on, they would build Jake a house. The house was made out of blocks, Legos, toys…just about anything they had.

Well on our next visit, just like any other, the three little ‘foremen’ built Jake his house, but on that particular visit, something amazing happened. As the boys stood in Jake’s house, they had him step over the blocks into his new backyard. Billy, Bobby and Timmy explained that this time they built a backyard for Jake, so he could play with other kids!

With Jake’s help and unconditional love, these little boys are ‘building’ empathy, trust and confidence, as well as a special place in our hearts.

~ Rachel S., Helping Hand volunteer for 1 year